2014 Rural Energy Conference

September 23rd-25th, 2014

Fairbanks, Alaska

2010 REC Conference Presentations

Presenter(s) Title
Cal Kerr AEA Renewable Energy: Benefit Cost Analysis
Sean Skaling AEA’s Recovery Act Projects
Geoff Butler AEA's Village Energy Efficiency Program
Amanda Kolker, Ray Mann Akutan Geothermal Project: Update & Lessons Learned
Katherine Keith, Ginny Fay Alaska Isolated Wind‐Diesel Systems: Performance and Economics
Peter Crimp Alaska Renewable Energy Fund Year 2 Update
Steve Haagenson Alaska’s Energy Pathway
Cal Kerr Alaska’s Propane Demand
Ross Coen All-Alaska Generation & Transmission: A proposal for a statewide utility
Joe Heinzmann Altairnano Grid Stability and Transportation Products
Eric Hannan AP&T Addvance Controls
Tom Ravens Assessment of Hydrokinetic Energy Resources in Alaska Rivers
Jerry Johnson Assessment of the Tanana River (Nenana, AK) for Hydrokinetic Turbine Operations
Brent Petrie AVEC and Progress on Village Wind Projects
Ian Graham Banner Wind Project, Nome AK
John Dickerson Basics of Generation Heat Recovery Systems
Eric Yould Chakachamna Status Report
Bernie Karl Chena Power Reservoir Management at Chena Hot Springs
Sandy Alvarez Chicken and Greenhouse Development, Iguigig
Ginny Fay Current PCE Structure and Renewable Economic Incentives
Markus Mager Economic Aspects of Producing Food in Alaska
Tom Marsik Economics of Energy Efficiency vs. Renewable Energy
Bear Ketzler Energy Project Funding for Alaska’s Rural Communities
Jason Meyer Emerging Energy Technology Fund
Michael Barber Energy Efficient Street Lighting
Mike Wright GVEA Eva Creek Wind Project Update
Suzanne Gibson Fire Island Wind Project (CIRI)
Dennis Meiners Flywheel Energy Storage
Patricia Young Food Security Issues/Concerns in Rural Alaska
Martin Miller Geothermal Resource Evaluation Manley Hot Springs, Alaska
Chuen-Sen Lin, Vamshi Avadhanula, Ross Coen Heat Recovery at ACEP
Ross Coen Heat Recovery for Rural Greenhouses
Dan Rogers Hydro-Diesel SCADA System: A Discussion of the Cordova Electric SCADA System
Jack Hebert Innovations and Changes in Energy Use in Rural Alaska
Jim Norman In-Stream Hydro-Kinetic Systems in Alaska Harnessing the Energy in Alaska's Rivers
Tim McLeod Integrated Planning for Hydro-rich Southeast Alaska
Mark Fouts Integrated Resource Planning in the Railbelt
Monty Worthington Hydrokinetic Project Development
Gwen Holdman Pilgrim Hot Springs Geothermal Exploration
Jeff Williams Power Cost Equalization
Bob Coates Pillar Mountain Wind Project-Kodiak
Jack Hebert Recent Innovations in Building Technology
Nathan Soboleff Sealaska Biomass Projects: Creating The Demand, Proving the Technology
Brian Hirsch Solar Energy in Alaska
CCHRC Solar Projects
Francis Sheridan SolarWall In Alaska
James Jensen Statewide Wind
Rorik Peterson Storage Options Analysis for Kodiak Electric Association
Kirk Garoutte Susitna Energy Systems: Perryville, Alaska Wind-farm
Bryan Carey Susitna Hydroelectric Project Renewable Energy for The Future
Brian Gray Tazimina Hydropower Project
Robert Venables The Evolution of Integrated Planning in Southeast Alaska
Monty Worthington The Future of Tidal Energy on the Railbelt
Ingemar Mathiasson The Northwest Arctic Borough Experience
"The Private Venture" for North Slope Propane
John White The RCA’s Role in Power Cost Equalization
Clay Koplin Thermal Uses for ORC
Ike Towarak Unalakleet Wind Project
Greg Egan Village Solar Applications - What does it take?
Steve Selvaggio Whitestone Poncelet RISEC Design
Dan Rogers Wind-Diesel SCADA System: A Discussion of the Kotzebue Electric SCADA System
Ian Baring-Gould Wind & Diesel Perspective from Outside Alaska
Bob Grimm Yerrick Creek Hydro Project