2014 Rural Energy Conference

September 23rd-25th, 2014

Fairbanks, Alaska

2011 REC Conference Presentations

Authors Title Keywords
Ross Coen A Brief History of Energy in Alaska energy, history, Alaska
Dryden LaRue A Perspective on Building Transmission Lines in Alaska Transmission and Distribution
WHPacific AEA Energy End-Use Study Overview SEIRP Southeast Alaska Integrated Resource Planning Regional Planning
Mathew Bereskin Akutan's 10 Megawatt Geothermal Project geothermal
Cady Lister Alaska Energy Efficiency: Top Five Recommendations energy efficiency
Mary Ann Pease Alaska North Slope Gas: The Alaskan Propane Project Propane
Mike Craft Alaska Environmental Power Delta Wind Farm wind, environmental, Delta
Steve Colt Alaska PCE Community Energy Use: The Big Picture energy consumption, statistics
Peter Crimp Alaska Renewable and EE Goals and Renewable Energy Fund Program Status Refund
Rich Stromberg & Josh Craft Alaska Wind Energy Performance FY2011 PCE Reporting
Tom Ravens Assessment of Hydrokinetic Energy Resources and Potential Impacts hydrokinetic
Julie Dirks Atka Hydro-Electric Project village, Atka, hydro, Marsh Creek, hydropower, ydroelectric
Jim Norman Beyond Biomass: Heating Opportunities biomass
Thomas Deerfield Bio-fuels Liquid Renewable Energy in Alaska biofuel, renewable
Thomas Deerfield Biomass Feasibility Studies Essential Elements Common Pitfalls biomass
Nuvista Light Calista AVCP Regional Energy Plan CARE-Plan regional energy efficiency planning & implementation
Tobias Schworer Chaninik Wind Group: Using Wind for Residential and Community Heat
Ethan Schutt CIRI Alternative Energy Solutions for Alaska Cook Inlet Regional Fire Island Wind Permitting and Regulations
John Hickey Coast Guard Energy Program
Tim McLeod Demand Side Management
Alan Fetters Diesel Engine Efficiency diesel, engine, efficiency
Denali Daniels & Jason Meyer Emerging Energy Technology - Denali Commission EETG
David Lockard & Gwen Holdmann Energy 101 Agenda Energy 101
Katie Conway, Ellen Kazary, Cady Lister, Todd Hoener Energy Efficiency: Taking the Message Home
Ellen Kazary Energy Efficiency: Targeting the Low Hanging Fruit Energy 101
Dan Boccia Energy for Community Health
Danny Consenstein Energy for Food and Community Health Alaska Farm Service Agency
Brian Hirsch Energy Lessons from Beyond Alaska
Ingemar Mathiasson Looking Back - Going Forward:an Energy Perspective An Energy Perspective Regional Planning
David Lockard Energy Storage in Alaska Today Energy 101
Steve Colt Energy Use: The Big Efficiency Picture
Cathie Clements Energy Wise Program
Willaim Thomson Experiences with Wind-Diesel Power Quality wind-diesel
Jess Dilts Exteme Cold Climate Home village, home, construction, cold climate, Hydaburg
Jim Strandberg Financing a Project (Alaska Style) capital intensive public purpose energy infrastructure
Sean Skaling From Energy Pathway to Energy Plan: How Regions can and Should Plan their Energy Future regional planning
Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) Ground Source Heat Pumps in Alaska GSHP heating opportunities
Sohrab Pathan, Stephanie Martin & Nataliya Udovyk Evaluation of the Low Income Weatherization Program and the Home Energy Rebate Program
Gwen Holdmann Pilgrim Hot Springs Geothermal Resource Exploration Geothermal Projects
Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Alaska Energy Authority’s Hydro Database: Exploring Historical Hydropower Investigations hydro
Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Hydropower Feasibility Studies hydro
David Lockard Impact of Renewables on Diesel Efficiency diesel engine
Jay Hermanson Interconnecting Rural Alaska Through Distribution and Transmission intertie, transmission, distribution
Nils Andreassen International Perspectives on Rural Energy Development Looking beyond Alaska
Sarah Fisher-Goad Keynote Address executive proclomation, AEA, Alaska Energy Authority, common sense, night lights
Nathan Soboleff Low Energy Prices + Jobs Mean Community Health
Monty Worthington ORPC Alaska Permitting permitting and regulations
Rich Stromberg Performance of Wind Systems - Opening Remarks wind
Darron Scott Performance of Wind Systems wind, pillar mountain, grid integration, power quality
Tim McLeod Planning the Construction of Lake Dororthy Hydro Utilities making decisions
Steve Selvaggio Poncelet Kinetics and the Regulatory Process permitting and regulations
Poncelet Kinetics Poncelet Kinetics RHK100 Prototype hydrokinetic
Dennis Witmer, Brad Reeve Premium Power Transflow 2000 Demonstration in Kotzebue
Yukon Energy Public and Stakeholder Engagement
Sandra Moller Regional Energy Planning regional planning
Peter Crimp Renewable Energy Fund renewable
Chris Rose Renewable Energy Energy 101, renewable
Haida Energy Reynolds Creek Hydroelectric Project hydro
Douglas Ott Roller Compacted Concrete Dams Hydro Working Group Alaska Energy Authority
Brian Hirsch Sample DOE/NREL Projects & Partners
Scott Waterman SB 220 Requirements and HB 306 Senate Bill 220, House Bill 306, AHFC
Kevin Harper SE Alaska Integrated Resource Plan (SEIRP) - The Role of Conservation/Demand-side Managment (DSM)
Gary Hennigh Second Decade of Renewable Energy in King Cove, Alaska hydroelectric, hydro
Jodi Mitchell Situational Analysis, Plans and Vision for the Future
Jo Mongrain Sustainable Production from Geothermal Fields geothermal
Bob Tsigonis Sustainable Sewage Treatment off the Grid (Decentralized Treatment)
SEAPA Swan Tyee Intertie Project project management role
George Hornberger Tazimina Power Plant Optimization Plant Optimization with electric boilers and innovative solutions for interesting problems, Alaska Energy Authority
David Lockard The Basics of Village Power Generation and Distribution Energy 101
Walter Rose The Village Perspective, Kawerak
Kevin Harper Thinking as a region - Case study. SE Alaska IRP Overview Southeast Alaska Integrated Resource Planning
Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Thinking as a region - Case study. Southeast integrated Resource Plan
Eric Eriksen Transmission & Distribution: When Things go Really Bad Transmission and Distribution
Scott Willis Unintended Consequences Juneau, advantages, disadvantages, cost
Meera Kohler Unintended Consequences or...where angels fear to tread abandoned tank farms, derelict
Karen Waldrip US Dept of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability Electrical Energy Storage Program Overview
Meera Kohler Utilities Making Decisions Dealing with Uncertainties
Cory Smith Visualizing Energy Data Geographically with the Alaska Energy Efficiency Map energy map
Dave Sjoding Waste Heat Recovery Northwest Clean Energy Application Center
Alan Fetters, Kris Noonan, and Bob Havemeister Wind Diesel Integration at Unalakleet Alaska power plants
Nathan Hill Wind-Diesel System in Kokhanok, Alaska village, Kokhanok, high-penetration wind-diesel system
Brent Petrie Wind-Diesel Integration at Various AVEC Locations