• 2018 Rural Energy Conference
    April 10-12, 2018
  • RACEE Day
    April 9, 2018

Fairbanks, Alaska

Remote Alaska Communities Energy Efficiency (RACEE)

Need more reason to attend Alaska’s premier energy event?
Join us for RACEE Day on April 9th!

The Remote Alaska Communities Energy Efficiency Competition is a community-oriented, multi-phased, multi-year collaborative initiative of the Department of Energy, Office of Indian Energy, Alaska Energy Authority, and a vast network of in-state energy efficiency technical assistance providers to encourage the implementation of measures to save energy and money in rural Alaska communities.

Did your community participate in 2015’s Phase One, making a pledge to work toward a 15% energy efficiency improvement by 2020?

Are you wondering what you can do to meet that goal, or have you had successes you’d like to share with other rural Alaska communities so they might take a similar approach to savings?

The day before the Rural Energy Conference will be dedicated to an exploration of energy efficiency best practices in remote Alaska communities. Please join us to network with other communities working on energy efficiency projects to share your story and hear others’.

Download RACEE Day Agenda


Travel Grants

Travel grants are now being offered to RACEE communities interested in attending this event.The grant will cover up to $1500 of your travel expenses. Please see grant application and the list of the eligible applicants for more information.